The thermal fluid heating system shall be a factory assembled, pre-piped and wired package designed to minimize field erection and utility connection costs and arranged to meet the owner's site requirements. The thermal fluid heating system package, including control wiring, interconnecting piping, and instrumentation, shall be 100% assembled and erected to ensure fit and electrical wiring completeness prior to shipment from the vendor's factory. It shall be disassembled only as necessary for shipping purposes.


The thermal fluid heating system vendor's scope shall include, as a minimum, the following:
- Fired liquid heater complete with burner, combustion blower, fuel safety valve trains, and operating controls.
- Expansion tank with associated safety/instrumentation.
- Circulating pumps.
- System relief valve(s).
- All controls and safety equipment required for safe and efficient operation of the thermal liquid heater.
- Interconnecting piping and valves between heater, expansion tank, and circulating pump(s), all supported and installed on a common skid.
- Interconnecting wiring between heater, expansion tank, and circulating pump(s), all brought to a common control cabinet installed on the heater.
- Branch circuit fusing and motor starters.
- All ladders, cages, catwalks, landings, and platforms required to operate or gain access for maintenance.
- Start-up supervision by factory-based start-up technicians.
- All elements shown above shall be fabricated, assembled, factory-piped, wired, erected, and functionally tested at the vendor's factory prior to shipment. The purchaser and his authorized agents shall have the right to inspect, witness, and have unlimited access to the vendor's plant during the engineering, manufacturing, and assembly process.
- The heater manufacturer shall extend a warranty on the heat exchange coil for a minimum of five (5) years from the date of purchase. No lesser manufacturer's warranty shall be accepted.
- The items listed above are to be considered the minimum requirement and the potential vendor is encouraged to add any items that would improve the operation, efficiency, and safety of the equipment proposed.

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